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Brahmtal Trek

Brahmtal Trek

  • Lohajung to Lohajung
  • Rishikesh to Rishikesh


(Lohajung to Lohajung)
Service Tax @ 5% (GST)

Brahmatal Trek is the truth that our Uttarakhand Dev Bhumi is said to be the reason that Gods have done severe penance here, so wherever you go in Uttarakhand, you will definitely hear the stories of Gods and Goddesses. Brahmatal is a beautiful lake that starts from Lohajung base camp of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand Himalayas.

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(Rishikesh to Rishikesh)
Service Tax @ 5% (GST)

Brahmatal Trek is the truth that our Uttarakhand Dev Bhumi is said to be the reason that Gods have done severe penance here, so wherever you go in Uttarakhand, you will definitely hear the stories of Gods and Goddesses. Brahmatal is a beautiful lake that starts from Lohajung base camp of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand Himalayas.

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  • Things to carry
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  • Expectations

Brief Description

  • Region: Uttarakhand
  • District: Chamoli
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Highest Altitude: 3,734 M
  • Trekking Distance: 22 Kilometers
  • Temperature: In Summer – Daytime Temperature: 8°C To 15°C And Night Time Temperature: 0°C To 7°C. In Winter (December – January) – Daytime Temperature: -2°C To 5°C And Night Time Temperature: -12°C To -5°C

According to Hindu mythology, Brahmatal Lake is the place where Lord Brahma meditated many years ago. It is nestling in the depths of Uttarakhand Himalayas. The trek to the Brahamatal Lake takes you on an epic journey through never-ending ridge lines, high altitude lakes, all dense bugyal, snow-covered peaks, and awe-inspiring views. There are many treks which can’t be done in January and February. Brahmatal Trek that way is a classic winter trek for that period. The trek is known for offering a huge amount of snow that makes a trek exciting. The views from the summit are even more captivating with majestic views of the mighty Himalayan ranges which provide many such excited as well as adventurous trekking trails, but this is probably the only trekking trail in the country where you could get a front-seat view of Himalayan peaks with Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti, bird’s eye view of the majestic Roopkund Lake and ample opportunities to capture the majestic snow-covered peak with their camera which rises above 7,000 meters. Brahmatal Trek is one of the best winter treks in the Himalayas.

Best Time to Visit: Brahmatal Trek is best for all the year to visit. Best seasons include December to March, Expect hiking on the snow in the mid of December. During winters, Brahmatal covered in the thick blanket of snow ideal for skiers. Best time to experience Brahmatal Trek in summer includes April to June.

Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Rishikesh to Lohajung (9/10 hrs.)

We will see you on the first day at Rishikesh railway station. The pickup is replaced by Rishikesh bus station, which early in the morning 7am Comes. Overnight train travel from Delhi is convenient enough May be. Travel from Rishikesh to Lohajung you can get through the street of the mountain The lower Himalayan of kumaon hills of Garhwal through The bar will be added. Amazing changing expanses of mountains Despite that, it's going to be a busy 10/11 hour drive. For the first few hours, our journey route is the river Ganga and Will be similar to the waves flowing towards Alaknanda. Soon A soft Pinder river will get our way. Some of the best tours nestled in the sublime hills of Uttarakhand There are sites. We via Devprayag, Srinagar and Karanprayag Will pass. Entering the last part of the drive near Lohajung As soon as you do, the mixture of the NAND Ghanti peak will be visible.


Day 2: Lohajung (2316m.) to Bekaltal (2953m.) (4/5 hrs.)

The first day of the trek starts from Lohajung to Bekaltal which takes about 4-5 hours. Get up early in the morning, have breakfast and get ready to begin. Just beside Lohajung follow the ascending human-made stone trek. Along the way, you would encounter some startling views of the Nanda Ghunti Peak. The walk is mostly inside the jungle of the conifer, Cedar, Oak and Fir. Spot the Kali valley as you climb higher and it is marked by the union of Kali and Pindari rivers. Amidst thick oak forests, the lake gleams peacefully in summer, while in winter, it is frozen and the trail would be pretty matte. Stay at Bekaltal will be organized in tents.

Day 3:Bekaltal (2953m.) to Brahmatal Lake (3182m.) (3/4 hrs.)

Today is the day to trek to Brahmatal Lake where Lord Brahma meditated many years ago. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach Brahmatal from Bekaltal Campsite. The trail starts steeply into the Oak and Rhododendron forest which leads to the meadow of Telandi top. In the winter, you will see the meadow of Telandi turns into a vast snowfield and crossing the area, a gala of thrill. From here, it is a very gradual descent to Brahmatal. Enjoy some scintillating views of the mighty Himalayas from here and then proceed further to Brahmatal or Khabekhal Lake to be precise. After a great day, spend the night in camp.

Day 4: Brahmatal Lake (3182m.) to Brahmatal Top (3718m.) return to Brahmatal Lake (2/3 hrs.)

Today is the most visually mesmerizing day of the entire Brahmatal trek. Get up comfortably by 07:00 AM, have breakfast and get ready to climb to the top of Brahmatal. The trek to the top of Brahmatal requires around 2½ hours of steep climb. Along the way, it would be all ascents. We would pass through some treacherous trails at Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar. The trail goes through a mountain ridge with valleys on both sides and provides majestic views of Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. At the top, you would see a 180° view of exclusive snow covered Himalayan Ranges. Mountains such as Chaukhambha, Mandi, Mana, Nilgiri, Neelkanth, Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Maiktoli become visible. This part of the trail is completely different from the entire trek. Return to Brahmatal campsite.

Day 5: Brahmatal Lake (3718m.) to Lohajung (2316m.) (5/6 hrs.)

Today you would be leaving this pristine lap of Mother Nature. After having breakfast, start walking to Lohajung from Brahmatal followed by some steep descending trail. It takes 6-7 hours to trek down to Lohajung through thick oak and rhododendron forests once again. You will reach Lohajung in the afternoon. This day could be used to rest as well as playing cricket, Volleyball or any other outdoor games at our Maujkaro Camps and at the end of the day, you can explore the small town and hear the mythological stories by the locals and immerse in their culture. Stay in the Maujkaro Camps.

Day 6: Drive from Lohajung to Rishikesh (9/10 hrs.)

Depart from Lohajung to Rishikesh Railway Station early in the morning, preferably before 06:30 AM since the journey takes 10-11 hours. Expected to reach Rishikesh by 07:00 PM. Transport will be arranged at an additional cost from Rishikesh at 06:30 AM.

By Air:-
Pant Nagar airport is located 31 kilometers from the Kathgodam Railway Station. There are few flights in a week from Delhi to Pant Nagar & vice-versa.

By Train:-
Take the train from Delhi to Kathgodam

  • Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express (15035):- Departure:- 16:00; Arrival:- 22:45
  • Ranikhet Express (15013):- Departure:- 20:00; Arrival:- 05:05
    Take the train from Dehradun to Kathgodam
  • Naini Doon Jan Shatabdi (12091):- Departure:- 22:35; Arrival:- 07:10
  • Dehradun – Kathgodam Express (14120):- Departure:- 22:35; Arrival:- 07:10

By Bus:-
Regular bus service is available from Delhi (ISBT Anand Vihar) to Kathgodam. Nainital buses stop at Haldwani, which is a twin city of Kathgodam.
Usually, buses drop you at Haldwani Bus Station. From there you will have to come to Kathgodam railway station through auto rickshaw / shared three-wheelers, which is 4 kilometers away.
There is no direct bus to Lohajung run by the Uttrakhand Government, so you have to share a cab with Trekkaro co-trekkers.

Basics Gears

• Backpack & Rain Cover (40-60 Litres)
• Trekking Shoes
• Trekking Pole
• LED Torch
• One Water Bottle (one litre)
• Basic Medications (or prescribed if any)

• Trekking Jacket
• Three (Five in winter) Warm Layers
• Two trek pants (one Wear and one carry)
• Two collared t-shirts
• Thermals

• Sunglasses
• Sunscreeen Lotion (SPF 50/70)
• Lip Balm (SPF 30)
• Sun cap
• Synthetic hand gloves
• Two pair of Socks
• Raincoat/Ponchos

• Daypack (20 litres), if you opt to offload your backpack
• Toiletries
• Cutlery
• Plastic cover (for wet clothes)

Mandatory Documents
Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Passport, Aadhaar Card, Driving license or voters ID)

Cancellation requests are available to taken over the phone.

In case you wish to cancel your trek please e-mail us at :
1- Cancellations up to 21 days prior to departure date – 70% refund
2- Between 21 days to 14 days prior to departure – 50% refund
3- Between 14 days to 10 days prior to departure- 30% refund
4- Less than 10 days of departure – No refund or you can transfer your trek (same batch date & same trek) to your dear one.

a) Change of trek batch date is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
b) In case of transferring a trek to your dear one, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements lay down by Trekkaro.
c) Trek The Adventures holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.

Refund Policy:
The applicable refund amount will be processed within the 10 working days.

We are the best to provide all the services we have. In fact, our wish to excel goes beyond the point where your boots hit the trail – it begins the moment that you get in contact with us, and it never ends. We have greatly appreciate the hikkers who connect with us. “Trek The Adventures” Blessed Always best for you.

Your Expectations

• Safety
Of course, this is a non-negotiable. Safety is embedded in our business and it’s something that we take very seriously in all our treks. It’s the primary reason we’re very popular in just a year.

• Personalized Service, Care, and Attention to Detail
For some organizations, this is, surprisingly, negotiable. But it isn’t for us. After safety, if we can do one thing right, every time, it’s to ensure that we sweat the small things.

• The Best Guides
If you are already trekking with us, then you’d be forgiven for thinking our guides are superhuman. It doesn’t mean feat to entertain, cook, guide and facilitate, but for our guides, they handle it with grace and all the while the attention is on you.

• The Best Itineraries
It takes a lot of refinement to make a perfect trek, from dawn to dusk there are a LOT of moving part and potential for things to go awry. From last one year, we’ve balanced on the tight rope of offering the right amount of activity, flexibility and trek time. Whilst utilizing the best lodgings in the most unique places.

• Value
We’re not in the business of making money and provide you nothing. Our treks aren’t expensive, they represent excellent value for money and for those seeking to maximize their time, there is no better way.

Our Expectations
It may come as a surprise, but the reality is that it is a two-way street (or trail), you are ultimately responsible for the nature of the experience that you have with us. And not only that, but you also have an influence on the experience of others’ in your small group.

• Attitude
This is your vacation, and the attitude that you bring will set the tone for your experience. We get that at times it’s difficult (we plan to challenge you) and we get that at times it’s a bit uncomfortable (this is not a cruise trip). All we ask you to keep an open mind, a big smile on your face and readiness for the unexpected.

• Physical preparedness
Our treks are designed for everyday people. You definitely don’t have to be an athlete, but to be fair for yourself and your group members, you do need to be ready. Worried about it? Do not stress it, our team is 100% dedicated to helping you pick the right trek, bring the right gear and be physically and mentally prepared.

• Know who’s in charge
As we’ve mentioned, you rightly expect when you join our trek to be in good, safe hands. For us to ensure the entire group’s safety, we suppose you, as our guest, to listen to your lead guide. They are the expert when it comes to decisions made on the trek.





Dewal has the last ATM point before you reach Lohajung (Basecamp) if you need to withdraw money.

Lohajung is the last place before starting your trek where you’re likely to get a stable mobile signal (not Jio). Finish all your important phone calls here and inform anxious family members about limited phone connectivity.


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December 27, 2022

Trip was amazing. It is an unforgettable trip. Staff was superb and friendly. Especially thanks to Bijju bhai and Anil bhai. They done excellent job. They provide tasty food and good accommodation. I enjoyed a lot with this team. I decided to go along with this group in future trek also.

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Bonda Srinivasa rao

Kedarkantha Trek

Rated 4 out of 5
February 19, 2021

Best people to with on any kind of treck.

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